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3 Poemes

3 poemes

Bizarrement en cours de POETRY on ne fait pas que lire des poemes…il faut aussi en ecrire.
J’en ai fait 3, c’est bien fait pour vous. Any comment welcome!


Thirty “Cathedrales De Rouen”,
Fifty-eight “Meninas”,
Forty-eight “Preludes And Fugues”,
Ninety-nine “Exercises In Style”
and even “One Hundred Thousand Billion Sonnets”.
Under an overwrought lid of clouds,
the same every day and every day
a new blue, green, brown or gray.
Infinite hues
the vastest palette couldn’t confine,
the wittiest words couldn’t tell:
One lake.

The Maracas players
It is a Maracas player shaking its cup endlessly.
It is a fetid shape laid on a CTA carriage floor.
It is an elephantine silhouette, crippled with its protective layers.
It is a toothless female in rags, clung to its walking frame.
It is a frozen heap of clothes with a dog at its feet.
It is a cardboard, small enough to contain all its hopes.
It is a God-bless-you-sir utterer, God never blesses.
It is no more than a winey breath that curses.
It is a doomed soul, no one listens to nor sees.
Abstract Alph’Art
Panama: a banal land…and a damn canal:

A macadam path past a barn,
a tall lad grasps a pan and casts a ball.
A Cat, claws as sharp as katakanas,
scratch an aghast anabas,
and apart, shark jaws gasp
as ajar kavakavas jars.
Bananas’ abacas mats
hang at a wall.
Bats and Aras as black as kalamatas,
flap and fan:
What a canvas all that draws!